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 Guignol HLM*



Krach! is a comic investigation into the meanders of neo-liberalism. This show is the result of a meeting between a puppeteer, Emma Utges, a playwright, Simon Grangeat, a director, Nicolas Ramond, and their accomplices.


The M.A. company increases scenic effects and offbeat inventions to depict the absurdity of an economic system in paper.


Manipulated on stage, objects and puppets of all kinds expose the violence of social class relationships.


Documented and playful, this hybrid writing invites contemporary puppetry, acting, sound effects and live music to distance ourselves from our own disaster and to laugh about it frankly. Krach! a poetic and satirical universe.

Krach !


Theatre and puppet

12+ || 60min

 *Hors Les Murs (Off-site)

Saturday 11 March 8pm
Musée Théâtre Guignol
18  montée de la Bernarde
69126 Brindas

Book directly
with the Musée Théâtre Guignol of Brindas!

04 78 57 57 40


Writing : Simon Grangeat
ing : Nicolas Ramond
Puppet masters/
actors : Christophe Mirabel et Emma Utges

Musician : Patrick Guillot

Stage manager : Jérémie Quintin

Puppets and props : 

Sabine Courbière et Emma Utges

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